The story of Honor’s Echo continues, as we look back to events ten years before the start of the War for the Crown. Our five nobles join Remario Alcasti in Oppara for a celebration before presenting proof of Honaria’s innocence to the nobility of Taldor.

This adventure is based on one of six quests from the Pathfinder Society Scenario Honor’s Echo, written by Eleanor Ferron.

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Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster

Heather Allen plays Landgrave Isador Darahan (NG male human Flamewarden Ranger 4)

Jessica Jenkins plays Count Albrecht Fahlspar (NG male human Fighter 3/Druid 1)

Jordan Jenkins plays Count Hennessy Denzarni (N male human Mixologist Alchemist 4)

Rachel Sandidge plays Countess Josephine Heskillar (NG female human Dragon Mystery Oracle 4)

Ross Scoggin plays Lord Vernon Kastner (CG male human Archivist Bard 4)

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at

War for the Crown theme, and other in game music, provided by Ryan Mumford.