The Crew

Heather Allen

Heather was introduced to tabletop RPGs in 1998 by some new friends she made her freshman year of high school. They taught her to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the third edition White Wolf games, Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse. In 2000 when Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons came out, she learned to play with Rick Sandidge. Throughout the years, she played both D&D and White Wolf. When Paizo put out the Beta Playtest book for Pathfinder First Edition, she switched to their system, and has been playing Pathfinder ever since. Tabletop RPGs have been a huge part of her life, and Heather is excited to share her hobby with others through the podcast.

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Onuris is the wry, old soul of the Mummy’s Mask group. He is an aasimar and cleric of Horus. He’s accompanied by a falcon named Anhuret.

Character Sheets: Level 3, Level 4, Level 7, Level 8

Jessica Peters

Jessica is the resident druid of the party. If there is a monster to befriend, she is going to try to befriend it. Jessica’s first experience with TTRPGs was an old D&D beginners box when she was in high school. Finding a group to learn the game with never panned out, but she grew up on fantasy writing and spent many hours constructing worlds and stories with Rachel. About 5 years ago, Jessica started playing Pathfinder First Edition and never looked back. She’s dabbled in a few other systems (like 5e, Starfinder, Numenera, and Weave), but most of her game time is spent in Golarion. In her opinion, any game that gives a player options to awaken and befriend gigantic bats is a game everyone should be playing. Outside of tabletop gaming, Jessica works in the field of Education. While a classroom English teacher, she started up multiple clubs for middle and high school kids to learn and play Pathfinder after school. Currently, she makes her money designing EdTech games to teach teenagers how to read because reading is the gateway to a better life (and dragons).

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Sagira Maibe


Sagira is the resident rapscallion of the Mummy’s Mask group. She is a suli brawler/skirmisher ranger that follows Bastet. She is accompanied by Isra, a black leopard.

Character Sheets: Level 3, Level 4, Level 7

Hollis Starkweather


Hollis is an abjurer wizard who joins the party with the goal of finding a lost friend. She is an elf and a devout follower of Nethys (Sothis branch). She is accompanied by Sugar, her white silkie chicken Sage familiar.

Character Sheets: Level 7, Level 8


Jordan Jenkins

Jordan is relatively new to tabletop role playing games, but by no means is he new to RPGs. Jordan grew up on a healthy dose of video games, including all the best RPGs of the last 20 years. Combine that with lots of plays and musicals in high school, and Jordan fell in love with making people laugh and putting on a show. He got into Pathfinder five years ago and has been hooked ever since, playing numerous characters, each with a unique voice (Jordan gets into his characters by their voice). The party’s Technomancer, Jordan is a wizard with all things electronic and is the first person to want to try something new and different. Especially if he thinks it will be hilarious.

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Sudi Kontar

Wise and lovable, Lucky Sudi is a catfolk monk follower of Pharasma.

Character Sheets: Level 3, Level 4, Level 7, Level 8

Rachel Sandidge

Rachel’s experiences with Pathfinder began when she met her, now husband, Rick Sandidge.  Before that she spent many an hour developing worlds and creating characters with Jessica through various message board websites.  There were attempts at RPGs during high school, but with in depth games like D&D and Pathfinder, you kinda need to know a guy in order to really get into it.  From there she stuck with video games that were heavy on the story element; Legend of Zelda games being her favorite. But once she got the group together to begin playing Pathfinder, that has been the game of the choice since.  She tends to fill the role of the group’s front line fighter, and let’s be honest, the group smack talker as well. In the real world, Rachel works part time as a teacher ranging from English and History to Economics and American Sign Language.  The rest of her time is spent studying for her school program, which she hopes to finish by the end of next year.

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Sitra Na-hamra

Sitra is the heart of the Mummy’s Mask group. She is a human curse breaker rogue with an affinity for painting.

Character Sheets: Level 3, Level 4, Level 7, Level 8

Rick Sandidge

Rick fell in love with role-playing games in the summer of ‘93 when he sat down with three of his friends and the Big Red Box, aka the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. That game only lasted two weeks but the experience stayed with him. He dove into other systems, notably the Old World of Darkness games, before returning to D&D in 2000 with the launch of 3rd Edition. This time it stuck. He stayed with the system, mostly in the Forgotten Realms, through 3.5 but like many fans he was dismayed by the 4th Edition changes. When he learned that Paizo, the publishers of his favorite magazines Dungeon and Dragon, were launching a Beta for the continuation of 3.5 he was quick to get on board. Starting with the Beta and book one of Rise of the Runelords he was hooked, and has been playing nearly every weekend since. Now, after eleven years of playing in the world of Golarion, he is happy to share his experiences with the rest of the gaming community.

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Rick is the GM of Find the Path’s Mummy’s Mask Actual Play Podcast and the Pathfinder Society Actual Play on Youtube.

Ross Scoggin

While no stranger to the members of FtP, Ross is a brand spanking new addition to the pod! He comes aboard as Rose, the newest PC in Tyrant’s Grasp. 

Ross began playing role-playing games during Thanksgiving Break in 1998 with a Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition beginner pdf. His first character may have died falling 10 ft into a muddy pit but he kept at it, though he mostly plays warriors over wizards nowadays… He later ran games for friends throughout middle school and high school, switching to D&D 3.5 not long after it came out. He got a chance to play the Pathfinder 1E play test alongside Rick and has mostly focused on Golarion ever since. In addition to Pathfinder, Ross has enjoyed games using the World of Darkness system, Runequest, Mythras, and Fate. He has run groups through many Pathfinder adventure paths including Curse of the Crimson Throne, Kingmaker, and Carrion Crown. He is truly happy for the opportunity to join the group and share his love of RPGs with all the listeners out there!


Ross plays Rosemund on our Patreon exclusive actual-play: Tyrant’s Grasp!