Content Warning: This episode deals with serious subject matter, including Suicide and Self Harm.

The War for the Crown continues as the Knights of Summer return to the Crabbe Estate to speak with Lady Parthena Crabbe and her daughter Sepsinia, searching for the reason behind her strange malaise.

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Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster

Heather Allen plays Viscountess Gwenhwyfar Kastner (LG female human Skald 5)

Jessica Jenkins plays Baroness Verity Corcina (LN female human Samurai 5)

Rachel Sandidge plays Countess Felyx Zespire (LG female human Cleric 5)

Ross Scoggin plays Count Oliver Darahan (NG male human Magus 5)

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at

War for the Crown theme, and other in game music, provided by Ryan Mumford.

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