Welcome Pathfinders! The battle in the heart of the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye continues, but even if all our heroes survive half are already cursed by the foul Div! Knowing that the Scorched Hand are already here means the Doorkeepers must press on against all odds, but what of the mysterious bare-footed man that came before them…?


Rick Sandidge is our Gamemaster and Host

Heather Allen plays Onuris, the aasimar Cleric of Horus

Jessica Peters plays Sagira Maibe, the suli Ranger

Jordan Jenkins plays Sudi Kontar, the catfolk monk of Pharasma

Rachel Sandidge plays Sitra Naham-ra, the human Rogue

In game music provided by Syrinscape! Check them out at https://syrinscape.com/

Opening and closing music provided by Ryan Mumford!