In episodes 9-16, the Doorkeepers of the Duat explored their second site. The House of Pentheru was full of haunts and strange creatures. . . mostly flying heads.


B1. Outer Gate

B2. Outer Courtyard

B3. Garden (where the centipede was slumbering)

B4. Family Mausoleum

B5. Servant’s Yard

B6. Guard Quarters (where the death dog was lounging)

B7. Guard Quarters

B8. Servant’s Quarters

B9. Granary

B10. Pantry

B11. Foyer

B12. Parlor (where Onuris and Sitra were briefly possessed)

B13. Bath

B14. Privy

B15. Inner Courtyard (where they met Heshsharu the not-so-friendly sandwoman)

B16. Chapel

B17. Dining Room (where the beheaded were on display)

B18. Servants’ Dining Room

B19. Kitchen


B20. Second Floor Balcony

B21. Girl’s Bedroom (where the wedding gown was found)

B22. Child’s Bedroom (where Sudi found Jumanji)

B23. Office

B24. Guest Room

B25. Master Bedroom


B26. Undershrine (with the sticky adherer)

B27. Trapped Staircase

B28. Preparation Chamber

B29. Unfinished Crypt (where the ubashki swarm swarmed)

B30. Pentheru’s Tomb (where the cat scared Sitra)