29 Arodus, 4718 (Wealday)


Verity, Felyx and I made plans to go shopping together for our new clothing. I was the first to make it down to the common area, and already having a cup of coffee and some fruit when Felyx and Verity made their way down together. Verity woke feeling quite under the weather, so Felyx used the wand of remove disease we had “borrowed” from Factor Twelve and some of her own spells to get Verity back to feeling more like herself. She still complained about feeling stiff as she sat down for breakfast. Felyx chided her for sending a thank you note for helping her, and I arched an eyebrow but didn’t inquire further.

After we ate breakfast, we chatted with the other nobility and Verity was told about a shop called the Princess’ Threads that made excellent clothing. It was just down the street, and the morning was a nice one as we walked towards the shop.

The Princess’ Threads was a lovely shop, though once we told the owner what we needed and on such short notice she did seem a bit surprised. Measurements were taken, dresses and riding outfits were brought out, and once those selections were finalized we were asked about our masquerade gowns. Verity requested a dress with a phoenix theme, while Felyx wanted something in the colors of Abadar. I asked for a dress in reds and golds, with a single wing on the right side. Much like Felyx, I wished to wear the colors of my deity. The owner was friends with another shop owner who could make our masks, and when I asked for something celestial or angelic I could tell she was hoping for something a little more specific, but I had faith the mask maker would be able to fulfill my request.

Felyx, Verity and I were able to catch up a bit while shopping. Verity asked Felyx about how she had come to marry into the Bozbeyli family. I remembered there being some scandal a few years ago with the head of the family running afoul of the people in Cassomir that ended with him being strung up at the docks. Felyx married into the family before all of that had happened, and she was attempting to work on relations with the people of the city. Right now, Felyx’s major concern was her daughter, Dafne, going off to page soon. There had been talks to send her to the Heskillars, but with this civil war brewing she had concerns, especially since the Heskillars has thrown their lot in the running for the crown. I mentioned that she could send Dafne to page with my brother Eardwulf, though I warned her head would be filled with stories of great knights and crusades. Both Felyx and Verity laughed when I told them he was my fun brother.

Verity asked me what I thought about Cynefrith and this upcoming civil war. It is inevitable that Remilliard will get caught up in all of this, and Cynefrith with him. She asked if I had thought about asking him to serve as a squire to someone else. Honestly, I feel that he is safest at Remilliard’s side. My brother has combat experience, and many in Taldor would not be able to overlook my son’s tiefling heritage. Cynefrith is also an adult, and I doubt he would leave to squire for another even if I asked. 

I had almost forgotten that Verity had step children until she mentioned that her stepdaughter was already grown and had moved out of her estate. However, her stepson still lives on her estate, and will be taking care of things while Verity is away. She seemed to think this would be a good test of his abilities, and perhaps a sign he can take on more responsibility without her supervision.

I asked her which of her husband’s children they were, and she told us her second. Verity’s first husband was actually Oliver’s cousin, Declan Darahan. Like many of the Darahans, Declan was a monster hunter, and had been killed by a bulette. Verity’s second husband was Viscount Monroe Railford. They had been out on a boat when a storm hit, and the vessel they were on sunk. Verity survived the accident, but Monroe did not. 

Somehow the conversation turned to what had happened between Verity and Cornelius. She was cagey about what had happened, and simply stated that Cornelius knew what he did, and she had no interest in speaking to him about it. In truth, I doubt that Cornelius has any idea at all “what he did.” It’s not my intent to play matchmaker, but the tension between them is sometimes so thick it can be cut with a knife. I think for the sake of cooperation it would be better for them to bury the hatchet. I immediately made plans to speak with Cornelius about the matter. I’m sure he’ll be more forthcoming with information than Verity.

It was only later in the evening that I realized that Verity hadn’t spoken of her third husband. One of the few bad habits that I retain from my time at the Kith is a love of gossip. We all have our vices I suppose. 

After leaving the shop, Verity took Felyx and I to All the King’s Men, the local stable. She spent some time talking to a rather handsome stable hand about the type of horses they had for sale. Eardwulf taught me to ride when I returned home from Cheliax. I’m not extremely skilled, but I know the basics.

I ended up purchasing a war trained shire horse named Threshold. Her coat is a stunning white that was almost gleaming silver. While I don’t plan on riding into battle, having a trained horse in an emergency seemed like the wisest course of action.

Felyx purchased a rather chubby orangish-brown Taldane punch horse named Dexter. He has a very calm temperament that I think will suit her well.

By the time we finished at the stable, it was fairly late in the evening, and so we made our way back to the Silent Horse. We only have a week before our next meeting with Martella. I needed to send a few more letters home explaining my situation to Melchoir and Analise. I know the manor will be well taken care of in their hands. I should also stop in and speak with my brother and Cynefrith. 

I admit both a sense of excitement and trepidation at what our first mission may entail.