25 Arodus, 4718 (Starday) cont.

Our captive proved rather reluctant to speak to us, immediately asking to be let go, stating that she would simply flee and not return to the warehouse. This was preposterous, but after some negotiating, she finally agreed to speak if we turned her over to the guards when all was said and done.

It seemed she was an initiate of an organization called the Brotherhood of Silence. While it was not something that I knew much about, Cornelius informed us that they were a group of thieves. This Brotherhood was unofficially sanctioned by the government, often used as a tool by the nobility against one another. Normally they were hired to steal specific items, and Cornelius claims that it is highly unusual for them to be involved in kidnapping or assassination. While the sects within the church of Norgorber are divided, it is common for them to all worship at the same churches, and mingle with each other. I imagine that it wouldn’t necessarily be unusual for the followers of Father Skinsaw to call upon the devotees of the King of Thieves to help if they didn’t have sufficient numbers for an operation. While the Brotherhood of Silence may not have done the kidnapping, they are guarding the building, most likely at the behest of the Skinsaw cultists and the followers and Thamir Gixx. 

Our captive claimed to be a new initiate, denying any knowledge of a kidnapping. She did tell us that there were a total of sixteen initiates guarding the warehouse, along with someone she referred to as “the mercenary.” The brothers and sisters of the order are downstairs. She kept impressing upon us how dangerous the true brothers and sisters were, and if they found out she had talked they would kill her. No loyalty among thieves indeed.  I imagine the others would find this cold of me, but perhaps one shouldn’t join the church of the god of thieves and murderers if one isn’t prepared to deal with the consequences. 

The girl wanted us to take her to the guard immediately. Unfortunately for her, time was of the essence, and we stashed her and her unconscious friend in the bushes. If the six guards that ran off after Liria return and find them, their fate will be what it will be. 

We decided to enter the building from one of the side doors. We did our best to be quiet as we entered the dimly lit warehouse. The room was large, filled with stacks of crates placed rather haphazardly. Unfortunately, our presence was quickly discovered and the initiates inside began to attack, using the boxes and shadows to their advantage.

A rather large stack of boxes in the center of the room divided the area. Verity and Cornelius began to move north. I made my way south, Oliver behind me. One of the initiates sprang out of the shadows in front of me, and before I could bring my sword to bear, Oliver struck her down with another well placed throw of a javelin. I continued south, and I heard Cornelius yell out in pain, followed by the sounds of spellcasting. Another shout of pain came from Verity, and I glanced behind me to see Felyx climbing the boxes dividing the room. 

I rounded the boxes, intending to go back north and come to Verity’s aid when one of the initiates came from the shadows, slicing me in the side with her dagger. I brought my attacker low with one solid swing of my sword, before continuing on to help my friends.

I could hear spellcasting from Cornelius, and Felyx shouting out the locations of several of our attackers from her new vantage point atop the crates. I heard Oliver let out a curse as a dagger he threw missed its target, and as I came around the corner, I could see Verity beginning to climb the crates, pursuing an initiate doing the same. I called upon my magic, casting ear-piercing scream hoping to stop the initiate before she reached Felyx atop the boxes. Cornelius let out another yell as an initiate appeared from the shadows, stabbing him in the side. 

From above me, I heard Felyx shout that she saw movement from the office area on the second floor, overlooking our current battlefield. I remembered the initiate we had interrogated mentioning someone called the mercenary, and I looked back over my shoulder to see what new threat was approaching.