25 Arodus, 4718 (Starday)


Martella was quite happy to see us, and Felyx was able to heal some of her wounds. Martella mentioned that she hadn’t realized we were skilled in combat, and was surprised at how well we held our own in the battle. In truth I don’t blame her. While Oliver served time in the military, I don’t believe any of my other friends had seen combat.

We quickly explained that we had gone to Lady Morilla for help, and that she had directed us to the location of the Dignified Repository. Martella told us she believed that she was helping the performers escape, and Wysilka had clubbed her over the head almost immediately upon arriving at the safe house. They had tortured her, promising to grant her a merciful death if she revealed the location of Princess Eutropia and any other of Stavian’s enemies. She also said Wysilka inquired after us.

At first this seemed odd, but then I realized we had all spent the entire evening talking to Senators and other influential people at the Gala and then reported back to Martella. We were also on the Senate Floor when the massacre began. Wysilka must have thought we were much more influential or important than we actually were. Though now that we are continuing to aid the Princess, our importance in the eyes of our enemies may soon be increasing. 

We helped Martella gather anything of importance before departing the safe house. She said she was glad that we didn’t try to look through her desk. She had placed a rather deadly trap on it. Again, I’m reminded that we might need to hire someone who can deal with traps and other similar devices. I wasn’t aware it was such a common practice, but we have run across quite a few of them.

Martella came across a box with two thousand gold in it. It was probably the Silent Brotherhood’s payment, and though there was no way to trace who had given them the gold, it would allow us to purchase better equipment. We’re probably going to need it.

We escorted Martella to the Gilded Gryphon. The man who greeted us once again looked disappointed in our appearances, though being covered in blood and sweat was the least of my worries, decorum be damned. He led us to a small sitting room, rather than the gardens now that evening had fallen. 

Lady Morilla joined us in short order, and Martella told her of what had happened with the Silent Brotherhood while we all ate dinner. Before we departed back for the Silent Horse to get some much needed rest, Martella thanked us again, and told us she would be in contact with us within the next few days.

Once again, I found myself quite thankful for a bath. The day’s events were a lot to take in. I’d almost died, and now had made a promise to help Princess Eutropia secure her throne. Despite having all of this on my mind, the day’s trials sent me quickly into the land of sleep.


26 Arodus, 4718 (Sunday)


Today proved to be far less exciting compared to yesterday. I went and saw Remilliard and Cynefrith at his townhouse, and enjoyed a nice lunch with them. I told Remilliard what had transpired, and he relayed his own adventures escaping the Senate. I noticed Cynefrith seemed rather disheartened. He mentioned that he was sorry he missed out on all the action. I know he is eager to prove himself, but I am very glad he was not at the Gala that evening. I imagine he was expecting more excitement when he became Remilliard’s squire, but following a Senator around all day can be very tedious. I am happy about this. It keeps him safe. Though if a civil war is brewing, I fear Cynefrith may see combat sooner or later. I must keep faith that Lord Ragathiel will keep him safe.

Later that evening my friends and I reconvened for dinner. Oliver and Cornleius spent the day swapping spells. Felyx went to see her Uncle, and Verity had gone and sold much of our spoils. She visited a magic shop and met a skilled wizard named Bashar. He told her that Dignity’s Barb and the Glendower signet ring were relics. They aren’t created like normal magical items, but rather become magical when extraordinary acts were committed by their owners. I remembered the tale we were told about the General using Dignity’s Barb, but I wondered what Senator Glendower had done. I doubt blowing himself up in a ritual that was supposed to make him immortal counted as a heroic deed. While not intelligent, relics could be rather picky about who they work for, but their power could increase if the wielders continued to perform heroic acts. Bashar also told Verity the relics seemed to be awakened. 

Felyx kept Dignity’s Barb, and I took the Glendower ring. I hope we can live up to the heroic deeds of the previous owners.

While sitting in the inn’s common room, Oliver and Cornelius heard some of the talk going around. The events of the Gala were being called the Exaltation Massacre. A total of 201 people were killed. Seventy-eight of them were senators. Grand Prince Stavian’s death had become public knowledge, and it had been discovered that the mercenaries were hired from Andoran, Galt and Cheliax. 

The nobility believed that Stavian was behind the massacre. The common folk seemed more inclined to lay the blame with Princess Eutropia. 

Martella sent us a message asking to meet with us tomorrow morning. Hopefully she will be able to give us more insight into what is going on, and what we need to do next.


27 Arodus, 4718 (Moonday)


I allowed myself a little bit of time to relax. I had a feeling that once we met with Martella, we would need to hit the ground running and I would find little time for relaxation for a good while.

Martella seemed in good spirits when we saw her for lunch. She immediately set out one of her little crickets and wound it before she began to speak. She assured us that Princess Eutorpia was safe. Martella finally told her of our involvement at the Gala and the events afterwards and said that Eutropia was “cross” at her for not telling her beforehand. She did mention that the Princess was touched that we came to her aid, and is looking forward to seeing us again.

The High Strategos is gathering his forces and it looked like he was planning to return to his home in Zamar. Princess Eutropia planned to give a speech at the Senate tomorrow, and Martella would like us all to attend. Afterwards she will take us to see Eutropia who would like to reward us. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have access to her funds, not that we did any of this for a reward. The Ulfen Guard have completely locked down the Imperial Palace, and are refusing to allow anyone but the new ruler of Taldor to enter. Most of the Princess’ wealth is inside. Quite frankly the last thing I’m concerned about is a reward from the Princess. Taldor needs her rulership.

Martella then unfurled a map of Taldor and smiled, saying it was time to get down to business. Fifteen people have laid down claims to the crown.