In episodes 2-5, the Doorkeepers of the Duat explore their first site, the tomb of Akhentepi.



A. Tomb Antechamber

B. Upper Shaft Room

C. Lower Shaft Room (location of the dead body)

D. Trapped Corridor

E. Foyer

F. Chariot Chamber

G. Hall of Judgment

H. Trophy Room (where the party fought the dolls)

I. Chamber of Reflection (where the creepy mirror is)

J. Preparation Chamber

K. Broken Stairs

L. Hall of the Soul’s Crossing

M. Unfinished Wing

N. Secret Passage

O. False Burial Chamber (where Sudi was Eaten by a Sarcophagus)

P. Slave Burial Chamber

Q. Chamber of Grave Goods

R. Akhentepi’s Burial Chamber