Hello Pathfinders, Rick here, and I’d like to take a second out to talk about gear.
For almost two years now the Find the Path crew have been on an epic adventure, one that we are so happy you have decided to join us on! We have fought mummies and ghouls and so much more. There have been some ups and downs along the way, successes and failures, but as a party we have pushed through. But while I have been blessed with a table overflowing with talent, that talent only gets you so far in Pathfinder. Any adventure knows that having the right gear is necessary for success!
When we launched our Patreon our very first Goal was to upgrade our equipment. You remember that Goal right? That was the one y’all crushed within half a day of our launch! Well we certainly remember it and we wanted to give you an update on how that is moving along.
The picture above is of a Mackie ProFX, the brand new mixer that your generous support provided us. This thing is a beast, with loads of fun dials, but more importantly has six XLR inputs to make recording Tyrant’s Grasp that much smoother. Trust me, you do not want to see the mess of cables it took to add Ross to the Podcast on our old mixer… This is also a massive quality of life improvement for yours truly. I wont bore you with the details but there is a lot that goes into the sound engineering side of podcasting, and this (not so little) guy is going to be invaluable to speeding up our production. 
Now this addition will not have a huge effect on our sound but don’t worry we have our sights set on a few new bits of gear that will have a much more noticeable impact in the near future!
I speak for the whole crew when I say we cannot thank you enough for your continued support of Find the Path. We have so many great things we want to do with the podcasts going forward and your support helps make those dreams a reality. 
You are amazing, and we couldn’t do this without you.
Until next time,