5 Rova 4715 – Starday

After discussing it with my fellow Ravens, the more the idea of the culprit being tooth fairies seems feasible. I still find it unlikely that they just appeared and limited their hunting field to The Devil’s Nursery, and more specifically to tieflings. It could just be coincidence, but I feel something else is afoot.

Thankfully the witness, the young tiefling, Zea, only found the body, and did not actually see the murder itself. Niccolo seems to be doing anything and everything he can to expunge the sins of his past. I admit it’s hard for me to picture him as a smuggler, or engaging in such activity, but then again, I doubt anyone here would suspect much of my upbringing either. 

Zea had more information to give us than I think she thought. Before she arrived in the alley, she did see a human – tall, short hair, and he watched her as she was walking by. Not that a human is unusual, but the timing, and suspicious hiding of his face does lend credence to possible involvement. Once near the alleyway she heard chittering suggesting once again that it is tooth fairies. 

Belial’s Brewhouse appears quite derelict. The professor noted that the padlock has been melted, acid maybe? Popping the lock off took little effort.

I could imagine this hall being resplendent at one time. A fully stocked bar with happy patrons ordering drinks, parties in the more private areas, and people casually together to have a nice brew. I feel that was the intent. I wonder what happened.

I was pulled from these musings by a quiet fluttering that sent a shiver down my spine. The winged murderers were even more vile than I thought they would be. A swath of them swarmed over Niccolo and myself. Unfortunately my sword was not effective against them. My talents were better used to patch up the others. 

Almost befittingly, Niccolo was able to strike the swarm causing the majority to burst into their foul smelling dust. It is oddly satisfying to watch even if the outcome is so disgusting. 

Now that the immediate danger seems to be over, best gather what evidence we can find. From what I can immediately tell, the tooth fairies were coming and going via the fireplaces. Clever really. People aren’t likely to look up without good reason. The poor victims were no doubt swarmed without a chance to fight back. We were somewhat prepared. We were at least aware, and still we struggled.