7 Rova 4715 – Moonday

It’s a strange double life I continue to lead. Student by day, aspiring rebellious investigator by night. Returning to more mundane tasks such as class and homework is in such a stark contrast to the events of the last week. I am worried I may be stretching myself a bit too thin. Perhaps I should speak with my professors, but then what would I say? They know I work, but it’s not as though I can readily admit to my nighttime activities.

As the coffee shop readied to close, I noticed Morgar come in. I could feel Pietro and Elena’s eyes on me the moment they realized we were already acquainted. Thankfully the shop was relatively empty so I was able to converse without the fear of being overheard.

As I suspected, Morgar was forced out by the new authority that wormed its way into the dottari ranks. Not surprising to me, he would not give up the names of his compatriots who shared his concerns over the new direction. All of the Watch captains have been replaced with much less savory characters. 

I couldn’t help but smirk upon the realization that he may be the mysterious figure that Zea saw in The Devil’s Nursery. Morgar was always one of the few dottari that seemed to actually care about the rule of law, and not just his position of authority as a dottari. His investigative skills are lacking, but he does the best with what he has. I know recruitment isn’t exactly my forte, but I decided to try my luck. I revealed Kaebin to him, and briefly explained that there are citizens also displeased with the current state of affairs. 

I invited him to come with me to Laria’s, but I am apprehensive. Adria and Niccolo both seem to have a serious distaste for the dottari. This may damage my credibility if Morgar cannot understand what we’re trying to do. But I feel this is a gamble worth taking.

The rest of my fellow Ravens were not at The Wasp’s Nest, but I was happy to see that Rexus has been staying busy with the translations. I know he’s eager for us to investigate his family home. I made a promise and I intend to keep it. Even if I have to go alone, I will get it done, but hopefully we’ll be able to formulate a plan together.

Apparently there was a small accident while I was at work where part of the wall collapsed. When I investigated it, however, it did look to be intentional. Problem is, I can’t tell how recently it was sabotaged. Was it one of our new Tengu friends? Doubtful as they’re in hiding. Same goes for Rexus. There’s too much to lose within our current circle. It may have been from before – maybe during the Bellflower days. I’ll make sure to give it a proper look over another time.

Morgar at least has a place to stay for now, and I pray that he finds a new purpose with us.


8 Rova 4715 – Toilday

The following evening the rest of the crew arrived. It took no time at all for them to notice Morgar. The introductions were a bit tense, but overall I think it went well. It definitely could have been worse. 

Morgar was able to explain the “scouring” of the dottari. He told them the new person in charge is Vannases Trex, and how newer dottari are being recruited. There are some dottari that do not agree with the new regime, but are afraid to speak up. I’m hoping there’s a way to identify these individuals. There’s a chance we could convince them to pass along information. 

I was pleased to hear such enthusiasm from Lucia about learning dottari tactics and whatnot from Morgar. She seems in dire need of direction, so this may be a good path for her. I may partake in some of his classes as well. While I am decent with a sword from my schooling days, I’ve realized over the past week that I have plenty more to learn.