18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

My heart jumped into my throat when we heard the hurried footsteps bounding toward us. But Milani must be watching over us because it was more Silver Ravens. The Cat’s Paws to be precise. They came rushing in when they saw Nox escaping. With their help we managed to distance ourselves from the Fantasmagorium. We broke off and headed for Belial’s Brewhouse to recuperate. We are definitely in need of another safehouse on this side of the river. 

The building still smells foul, but it is better than some of the alternatives. We set up Lucia as comfortably as possible, but it took quite a while for us to patch her up. It’s not usually a good sign if you’re knocked out and don’t immediately come to. I tended to her as best I could while the professor set to identifying the items found in the caches. 

Whatever the books are, he seemed enraptured, but it was a bit unexpected when he began swearing in multiple languages after reading one in particular. According to him, the book Bazillai took from the Archivists was none other than a copy of the Book of the Damned. I actually read about the books compiled by the angel Tabris, and know that Heaven actually wanted the copies destroyed. The information contained within could be disastrous. 

Apparently Portia, Rexus’ mother, didn’t want anyone to read the book, but at some point was overruled and a traveler was given permission to read it. Whether or not that has any connection to the Night of Ashes is still up for debate, but I would bet it does. Just knowing Thrune has such a dangerous artifact in his possession gives me pause, but also makes me just that more determined.

But it has been a day, and rest is in order. 


19 Lamashan 4715 – Moonday

Lucia was in a much better state by the time we left the brewhouse and made our way to the Wasp’s Nest. Laria was quick to tell us about the rumors flitting about. People whispering of ghosts, or possibly the rise of a rebellion. She also said that Nox was seen heading for the Temple of Asmodeus, but no confirmation on whether she made it. I think she did, and that she was the one who alerted the dottari bells. 

I could see Rexus fidgeting as we caught up with our various teams. I could see the fear on his face, and my heart cracked knowing what we were about to reveal. 

When it was just us, I placed his parent’s signet rings into his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I’d like to think we’ve become friends over the past few weeks, so it hurts to deliver such news to him. I had truly hoped that we would find his parents. I feel as though I was wrong to tell him to hope. Perhaps he can forgive me.

I hesitated when the professor stayed behind. That barb of distrust has buried itself deep within me, but I ignored its painful tug. Even if he were a traitor, he would be stupid to attempt anything here of all places. I can feel myself jumping to conclusions. I need more facts before I make any more assumptions about our former priest. 

Unfortunately there is no time to rest. I barely had enough time to change into my uniform before making my way to the academy. I really need to stop scheduling back to back classes on a Moonday.