4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

Well, that was a bit anticlimactic, to be honest. I steeled myself for the inevitable attack of the hounds, but Adria stepped forward and, to my pleasant surprise, calmed the beasts. Seems there are more mysteries to unravel from these individuals. I cannot help but be intrigued. Especially with this new revelation of Lucia’s upbringing. The everyday citizen does not typically practice the worship of Asmodeus.

Our newly formed group then proceeded to search the premises. Little was to be found among the derelict remains of the Fair Fortune Livery. Adria managed to find an old key that opened the padlock Niccolo had been about to pick. The good professor attempted to climb some iron rungs nailed into the wall, but this was clearly not a typical maneuver for him. I couldn’t help but smirk when Niccolo teased him, though the roguish tiefling did not fare much better at first.

In the loft above Niccolo found a signet ring that I, as well as Lucia, was able to link to the Juliac family, though if my history serves me, the family is all but extinct. Perhaps the reason for this was a connection to the Silver Ravens?

The sudden appearance of a red strain upon the wall gave me pause. I have little to no experience with that of the supernatural. The professor was able to detect some kind of effect within the building – something like prestidigitation. Adria believes this could be the work of a ghost or poltergeist. Whatever the cause, something is afoot.

Beyond the padlock is our next stop, a secret door. The room beyond stands in much better shape than I anticipated. I stopped the others from moving forward when I noticed strange markings upon the floor – they look to me like grimple tracks. From there we headed deeper into the structure via a trap door in the floor.

I heard the rats before I saw them, and I regretted when I did. Unfortunately I was little help, but Niccolo and Adria made short work of them. Once in the following room, it was not rats that I noticed peering out from the walls. No, this was the grimple, and it was as revolting as I expected it to be.