4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

Our day did not end with our exploration of the Livery, but thankfully before we reached our next destination we stopped at the river to rid ourselves of our lice problem. The professor’s magic helped rid my clothes of the worst of the smell, but now there is a slight smell of algae lingering as well.

We could feel the unrest throughout the city as we made our way to Long Road’s Coffee house. Adria took a moment to speak with the owner of Clenchjaw’s Tavern. I’ve passed by the locale many times, but have never gone inside. Apparently since the Thrashing Badger burned down, it’s rowdier guests have migrated to Clenchjaw’s. Adria suggests we have a drink there later and I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps I can glean how to better engage and gather intel in this part of the city.

I could smell the coffee before I saw Long Roads. While I have a special place in my heart for Pietro’s brew, Long Road’s does much better with the pastries. I have seen Laria Longroad herself on several occasions but I’ve never spoken with her myself. The moment we walked in the door, I cursed myself for not remembering we intended to enter through the back. I blame exhaustion from the events at the Livery and the subsequent trek across the city.

Laria, however, took our entrance, quite impressively, in her stride. We were quickly shuffled to a back office, where Laria proceeded to give us the third degree about our intentions. It felt much like a father questioning a suitor at the door. But all of us assured her in our own ways that we are in this for the betterment of the city.

With that settled, Rexus finally made his appearance, and thankfully speaks all of the languages we identified in the documents. Adria also handed him Voldrun inundating him as the final member of the newly formed Silver Ravens.

With the Livery in a state of decay, we still lacked a proper hideout, but Laria it seems has a solution for that. Due to her involvement with the Bellflower network, she has several locations her tillers have used. The one located below the coffee house, an area she dubbed the Wasps’ Nest, would be an ideal location, but according to Laria, she has lost control of it. Her friend, Nan Cumveras, was smuggling something after the Night of Ashes, but unfortunately has not reemerged. If we can investigate and clear it out, the location is ours to use.

Laria provided a rough map of the lower level before giving us an opportunity to discuss possible allies. Most, if not all, were targeted during the Night of Ashes. A plot this elaborate must have been in the works far longer than Barzillai Thrune’s brief stint as Lord Mayor so far.

This rebellion, however small, is gaining traction. I wonder if I will really be able to contribute anything. Solving neighborhood crimes, and trying to help with murder investgations doesn’t exactly mean I know anything about participating in groundbreaking change of our city.