6 Rova 4715 – Sunday

I don’t know if I would have had the nerve to come into Clenchjaw’s without my newfound companions. I have experience gathering information, but in much different settings. This will help in my endeavors to be more approachable and accessible to those in need of help within Kintargo.

Adria secured us a table, but I didn’t stay long as I noticed a familiar face enter the bar. I don’t think I ever expected to see Morgar dressed in plainclothes. I know him as a proud dottari who does his best to abide by the laws. I knew he saw me approach the bar so I set out a drink for him. He looked as though he’d been in an altercation recently. 

We couldn’t say much in the din of the bar, but he did warn me that the dottari had been compromised. I asked him to meet me at the coffee shop so that we might be able to talk at more length. If he has truly left, or was forced out of the dottari, there is a chance he may want to help the rebellion. He was one of the few dottari I trusted to actually attempt to investigate properly, but he had his blind sights too. 

I rejoined my companions after Morgar took his leave, careful not to bump into anyone as the air was growing quite tense. Adria thinks the increased trouble is intentional. The only strange bit of information was that the barhands had seen a butterfly. I don’t know exactly what significance that may have.

When a bar fight breaks out, it is almost as if everything moves in slow motion, and then speeds up beyond recognition. I barely remember getting to the bar, and I lost sight of Niccolo under a pile of patrons. I noticed that Mr. Clenchjaw was unconscious at the bar, and Adria ran over, shaking him awake. Then she yelled that she saw a butterfly!

We followed after her maneuvering behind the stage where the performers had been hiding from the fight in the next room. I wonder if this had been a theater before it became Clenchjaw’s bar. We entered the backstage area and I suddenly heard a voice tingle in the back of my head. Everyone else seemed to hear the same thing as well judging by their expressions. 

After some questioning we discovered it to be a faerie dragon by the name of Vendalfek. He says he is a refugee as he previously inhabited the Thrashing Badger. Men wearing all black and armor came when the Roses of Milani were there. They barred the door and lit the building on fire. However, he says the Roses did attempt to escape through a trap door into the water, but with the tide, it’s unlikely they could have reached the surface. But…there is a chance.

I’m not sure it’s the wisest idea, but we invited Vendalfek to come back to the Wasp’s Nest so that he would not continue causing havoc in Mr. Clenchjaw’s establishment. The catch being he would like us to recover any musical instruments from the Thrashing Badger, and he would also like a barrel with a pillow inside. At least the latter will be easy to accommodate. 

I’ve been meaning to investigate the Thrashing Badger since the Night of Ashes anyway, and this has given more cause to do so. I had initially begun with The Silver Star since the owner was a rather vocal critic of the Thrunes. It seemed the least likely location to be burnt by mere coincidence.

Niccolo and I stayed behind to help Mr. Clenchjaw clean his bar, which should encourage cooperation in the future if needed. We tried to assure him that the nightly fights should be coming to an end, but I doubt he believed us.