8 Rova 4715 – Toilday

It became quite evident that more care was needed in exploring the ruins of The Silver Star. My heart rose into my throat watching the rubble fall towards Niccolo, but thankfully he was more spry than expected. No use rushing the search if we get crushed by the debris. The gentlemen fortified one side, while I handled the other. Lucia and Adria kept watch from above. 

I’m not sure what happened, but when I glanced up again, the pair were gone, off to distract a few dottari guards from what I could gather. Adria returned not long after, but alone. My mind already began reeling of what could have happened that Adria would return alone, but I pushed it aside for the time being. We had little time left to finish our search.

Niccolo managed to find a brilliant silver scimitar emblazoned with fires and sun. Befitting since Shensen was a known follower of Sarenrae. The good professor located a burned out shrine and scroll case. Hopefully they prove useful.

My finding was a bit more macabre – 3 bodies. One of a woman, terribly burned, probably a victim of the Night of Ashes. The other two, however, were fully armored dottari guards. My immediate hypothesis was that they were part of the clean up crew judging that the stretcher laid between them. After a quick examination of the scene, I suspect someone laid in wait and then ambushed the two men. Both were killed by this assailant, not by any falling debris that covered them.

We returned to Niccolo’s abode while we waited for Lucia to return. The professor identified at least one of the scrolls as one to remove disease. I pray we have no cause to use it, but it will be nice to have. He also managed to find two healing potions. Those will definitely see some use considering the antics we have been up to recently. 

I’m glad that Niccolo kept the statue of Milani. I don’t know that I am quite comfortable revealing my faith in the Everbloom. It’s something I’ve kept secret for so long it would be strange to voice it. However, I am glad to know Niccolo and I have something else to commiserate on. 

Long after everyone went to bed, I did go to the shrine and said a prayer for Lucia since she never made it back. There is such a drive in her to do good, but she is still learning much about what the world is like outside of the walls of the Greens. I had that same naivety when I first ventured out on my own after school. 

Kintargo can be an entirely different world from one street to the next, let alone those areas separated by high walls. Made me wonder why those individuals don’t just start their own city and leave the rest to live as they please. But it’s not as simple as that. If every worker in the city that the nobles so often look down upon were to just stop for one day, it would grind the city to halt. The nobles wouldn’t know what to do with themselves, but desperation drives many a person to work rather than fight the system that forces them to do so at the cost of their right to live. 

I have philosophized long enough for one. I can recognize the problems in my city, and perhaps this small ragtag group will give the desperate people hope.