18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

I think it’s safe to surmise that if there was anything living at some point that they have now been turned into the defenses for the Fantasmagorium. The so-called “Arcadian mermaids” sloshed out of the tank Niccolo had just been glancing into. Adria was quick to shout out that mermaids they were not, but ningyos. Horrendous creatures. Thankfully they were dispatched rather quickly. In a disgusting aftermath, Adria went over and decapitated them explaining they would rise again if we did not. 

We took a few moments to patch ourselves up before we moved into the next room labeled as “Insect Zoo.” My professor has mentioned the importance of insect activity when it comes to investigating crime scenes, especially when a dead body is involved. But judging by the overall accuracy of this establishment, I doubt I’ll find any worthwhile information to that effect.

Adria approached a massive arachnid and gave it a poke. I’m not sure that was wise considering what we have faced thus far, but it does seem to be covered in an odd resin that I imagine would crack if it actually moved. Fortunately, it didn’t rise from its slumber. I remember one girl at school kept a tarantula in her room for several months until she was found out. It was a surprisingly gentle creature.

Niccolo found evidence of a struggle. I wonder if someone triggered their own trap? I much prefer our adversaries face a swarm of insects over us. I find insects fascinating, but I would rather not be covered in them.

The next hallway we entered extended the length of the building with a statue of Aroden nestled in an alcove surrounded by what I believe were once beautiful bay windows. However, this is the first instance where I have seen clear evidence of something being removed. All of the picture frames along the hallway are empty. There is some connection between the missing pictures, and the eye of Aroden. However, I do agree with the professor in that I would like to clear the building before we delve further into the structure. We might have different definitions of that unfortunately.

Lucia said she smelled something like rotting flesh and copper. I decided not to say that a coppery smell is typically indicative of blood. The professor said it smelled like blood incense, which would make sense. 

Out of everything so far, I think the wax figures have given me the most discomfort. They are incredible works, but there’s always something that’s just a bit off about them. I definitely wasn’t expecting the recreation of the Temple Hill Slasher crime scene. I hate that a part of me wants to get a closer look, but I will keep that to myself.

We were immediately greeted by burnt shambling forms. Both wearing noble attire, and my heart sunk.