18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

The sun sets on yet another day in Kintargo bringing with it the golden hour of rebellion. As we headed to the Fantasmagorium, I could feel my nerves tighten in my chest. Hope for Rexus, reservations about facing Asmodeans, fear of possibly facing the hellhounds seen at the protest. 

I often overheard my classmates speaking about this place. The dares to run up and carve their initials into the doorframe. The wild imagination of children making such a simple feat into a daring achievement. 

The front door was easy enough to unlock and we let ourselves in through the front knowing that the Asmodeans primarily used the side entrance. Walking inside felt a bit like walking into another time. It’s plain to see any renovations were not done to the main building. My bet is a subterranean complex similar to the coffeehouse. 

I picked up one of the guides from the counter and began to peruse it. Adria mentioned the smell of burning meat, and I didn’t have the heart to correct her. Niccolo managed to find some tracks that went into the cryptid room, but none that left. I know I am not necessarily well traveled. I only have brief memories from before I lived in Kintargo, but surely some of the fantastical creatures in this room are just that, fantastical.

Adria mentioned Basilio, who I am assuming is her son, as we looked at the various creatures. She’s said his name in passing before, or at least alluded to him. I don’t think he lives in the city currently, so I’m wary to inquire further, but it would explain her mother hen demeanor. 

As we continued to glance about the various strange creatures, some of the “skunk apes” began hurling benches. The ensuing fight left us a bit battered and bruised, but still alive. And no hellhounds came running so that’s a small victory. We continued on then into the Hall of the Seas.

I can’t help but look around this room with admiration. Whether true or not, the idea of exploring the open seas and discovering new and exciting places is rather appealing. But not appealing enough. There is something peaceful yet menacing about the high seas. There is no telling what truly lurks beneath its depths. Just as there’s no telling what lurks within these halls. After examining the tanks, I think the Asmodeans have been raising creatures for defense, which tracks with the previous room as well.