11 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

Rexus is under the impression that his mother left him clues in order to find The Order of the Sacred Archivist’s stronghold. He believes it is located underneath Hocum’s Fantasmagorium. While I do not wish to give him false hope, I myself do hope that we find his mother alive and well. I do not have the same bond with the only parent I know. In fact, I consider myself more of an orphan considering the nature of my departure from the Greens. To have someone who loves you and supports you the way his parents obviously did no doubt makes the loss of them acutely more painful. 

He told us his parents paid for renovations over the years despite the fact that the Fantasmagorium never reopened. Any and all renovations were also completed by non-locals which lends credence to his theory. 

It’s best if we gather intel before waltzing in even if Rexus does have the deed and the key. It would probably put us on the radar if we tried to claim the building for ourselves. The Cat’s Paw team will listen for rumors and gather information while the Fushi sisters and Morgar will stake out the Fantasmagorium itself. 


18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

I immediately knew that the reports wouldn’t be favorable when I saw Rexus’ face. He’s not good at hiding his disappointment. And he had reason to be. Korva informed us that the building is not vacant. People bearing the symbol of the church of Asmodeus have been coming and going with at least one priest among them. Redactors, according to the professor. As if that weren’t enough, Nox, the terrifying woman from the protest, has also been seen with two hellhounds in tow.

The conversation then took, at least for me, an uncomfortable turn. The professor suggested that we use deadly force against the Asmodeans or else we bring the whole of the church down upon us, but I think that is inevitable whether we leave a pile of bodies in our wake or not. I don’t presume to know what motivates someone to join a church with such horrid practices as that of Asmodeus, but I don’t think it’s wise to assume that all members deserve a death sentence.

What troubles me more than anything is how they knew about the secret location of the Archivist’s stronghold. From what Rexus has told me, his parents were careful, and kept many of their dealings under names that should not have been easy to connect back to the Victocora’s. Barzillai Thrune has done his homework, and I fear he may be several steps ahead of us still. 

With a rough plan drawn up, we moved on to Zea’s report on the rumors about the Order of the Torrent. A newer recruit by the name of Nix told us that the Order has gone into exile and that Barzillai is planning on banning them. Rumors also abound that the Order are actually a secret thieves’ guild. Supposedly the Order of the Torrent took out a group known as the Gray Spiders, but people believe that it was actually the other way around. The very notion sent the professor into a huff. 

The reason being? His older brother was actually a member of the Order of the Torrent. He was quite adamant that the Order destroyed the thieves’ guild. Some of the Order members kept spoils, and the church of Asmodeus called them out. Unfortunately the leaders were subsequently executed, including his brother. This definitely explains his protective nature with his sister-in-law.

While the Fushi sisters were not able to scout the inside of the Fantasmagorium, Jay did find the blueprints at the city records building. While I doubt the plans will have any of the additions, or renovations from the Archivists, it should still prove quite useful in navigating.

Rexus bid me to step aside as everyone began their preparations. My heart goes out to him. He so desperately wants his mother to be alive, and while I know the chances are slim, I too have that hope. We wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for his efforts.