4 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

Despite the chaos of the fight, only Scarplume and one of the tieflings lost their lives. We rounded up the remaining Red Jills, and discussed what’s to be done. I find the situation is not really black and white. I can understand succumbing to thievery, but their recent habit of assaults gives me pause. The problem being is that I know as tieflings they are not treated equally under law despite the fact that they should be.

The professor retreated downstairs to keep an eye on the body in the street should any dottari come by on patrol. Probably best because after speaking with the remaining tieflings, it seems all they wanted was to leave Kintargo and were just swept up by Scarplume. I may not be the most socially apt person, but I can typically tell when someone is lying. And they seemed genuine in their sentiments.

We decided to provide them with some money, and would leave tickets for them at the Cloven Hoof Society to vacate the city. While I am conflicted about proper punishment to fit the crime, part of me wonders what they have already suffered.

All in all, Humbright House is now officially unhaunted, by ghosts, or gangs.


11 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

Most weeks I am able to keep a relative balance of work, school, and recent rebellious activity, but I found myself up to all hours throughout this past week. Apparently it distracted me enough that I completely missed the gathering of people inside the coffee house. 

The Poison Pen of Kintargo has written again. I am only tangentially aware of their writings, but any voice of dissent is a possible ally. I wonder if I should respond. My poetry skills never quite received high marks, but it may be worth trying to initiate contact. 

The professor also mentioned joining him at a meeting being held by Setrona Sabinus. Apparently his sister in law plans to attend and would like us to as well. I think he suspects the meeting will not go smoothly.

Following that Rexus revealed that he had finished decoding the documents. The Silver Ravens could see the writing on the wall once the Thrunes won the civil war and so chose to surrender. They put together the time capsule should Kintargo forget due to time and redactions. Jackdaw even surrendered to keep Kintargo from being seized. There was even a personal letter written to the fact.

But Rexus was troubled because the events don’t add up to what we learned from Blosodriette. According to her, Jackdaw attacked her master after the time capsule and letter were written. And the kidnapping that led to the Order of the Torrent being formed also happened after. Was all of it a setup? Dissension in the ranks?

But perhaps the most important information of all, there’s a chance his mother may still be alive.