18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

I believe this priest may have worthwhile information to share, but it seems I am outvoted when it comes to speaking with him again. He may hand us a pile of lies, but I find there are always kernels of truth to be found carefully bound within them.

We split up to search the rooms more thoroughly. The professor and Raven managed to find materials for magic use. I’m rather certain I found the missing pictures from the frames, and Adria discovered an annotated book of Aroden’s holy text. Before we could get a better look at everything, the professor asked if we properly stripped the priest of his weapons, armor and magical items. Niccolo reminded him that we have no way of detecting what is magical. It feels like he is treating us like misbehaving children rather than partners in this endeavor. But my frustrations aside, he had a point. We should have been more thorough.

The priest did have magical rings, and then within the storage closet, we managed to find a scroll that had been used as a piece of scrap paper. If you don’t know something is magical, you’ll use it for mundane purpose. 

As I suspected, the documents I found that belonged within the frames, and the notes from the book Adria found eventually helped us decode the necessary password for the lock upon Aroden’s statue. It revealed a spiral staircase, and part of me could see this as a chapter in a mystery novel. The “Many Steps Monastery” was written in several different languages as we made our descent, and oh if that doesn’t sound like a fantastic title for a book.

Once below we made the acquaintance of a strange looking creature who called themselves Yilliv. Its entire being seemed to be made of book pages and ribbon. Absolutely fascinating. By a stroke of luck, Yilliv did not consider us intruders since we had a key. According to his binding contract, he was meant to stop any intruders from delving any further. 

He told us that he was a scrivenite from Axis, a plane of absolute order and law. He was called to assist and guard for three months and in return would be able to peruse The Inward Facing Circle, a text on Diabolism. Not for any nefarious reason, but simply for the knowledge. I can appreciate the sentiment. 

After a closer look, Niccolo was able to deduce that the same person who summoned our newfound friend, also summoned the tooth fairies in the Devil’s Nursery. A pang of guilt struck me even though I knew there was nothing more I could have done to solve that case. Knowing such a person is still free to wreak havoc on innocent people pains me. Yilliv informed us that the person who summoned him was no longer within the structure. 

He did reveal that Barzillai had made his way down here, and obviously knew exactly what he was looking for. He left with a single tome. Once again it seems as though he is several steps ahead of us. How long has his plan been in motion?

We eventually carried on down another flight of stairs. The coppery tang filled the air once more, but not because of any incense. Bloody drag marks lead further in. We reached some sort hall of living quarters. Several doors lead to small cells with the bare necessities. Another leads to what must have been Rexus’ parent’s room. The further we go, the more I suspect that someone betrayed the secrets of the Archivist’s to Thrune. 

I was not prepared for the scene at the end of the hallway. The smell of rot greeted me before I saw the poor figure. A web of barbed chains held a man aloft with a small 12-sided box hanging in the center. If this is part of some bizarre Asmodean ritual, I’m afraid my opinion of the professor may have just lessened.