18 Lamashan 4715 – Sunday

With no avenues left to explore, this newly formed group of Silver Ravens passed through the archway revealing a colossal chamber with a ceiling painted like the night sky. That sounds like something my brother would have written in one of his Syn Sagas. And I’m not sure if I’ve just complimented or insulted myself. That aside. It was a garden, a beautiful one at that minus the firepit being fueled by books. And our adversary stood in wait. Her visage has been the subject of many a nightmare.

I would like to say I was brave and jumped immediately into the fray, but pain seared through me with every movement. I shot when I could, but otherwise did my best to maintain distance while still aiding my companions. Nox was even more formidable than I initially calculated and my heart cracked seeing the beating everyone was subjected to. When Lucia fell, it took all of my willpower to keep from rushing in. I knew that I would be better served on the back line, especially when Adria yelled out about her being devil bound. I was able to pull out a flask of holy water, and even though I didn’t get a direct hit, the splash of the breaking flask still burned, and did not immediately heal. 

But it feels as though it was all for naught because the devil retreated through a magical portal. The professor’s various spells still may injure her, so that is some consolation, but not much. Poor Lucia is still unconscious, but alive. 

We didn’t have much respite. Without knowing the fate of Nox, every moment is a risk. We quickly divided and conquered. I hate to admit it, but the professor’s insistence to gather the books alone gave me pause.  He is an enigma that I have yet to unravel.  I want to trust him, but am finding it difficult to do so.

With time of the essence, I pushed those thoughts aside and followed Niccolo to the hidden compartment in the earlier room. It opened with a smooth click, and we found a few interesting items inside. The writing set has definitely caught my eye.

And this wasn’t the only compartment full of treasures.  Our scrivenite friend pointed us in the direction of another. He couldn’t voice it, but nothing in his contract precluded him from simply gesturing toward it. I do enjoy a good loophole when it isn’t a detriment to people. The items are definitely worth taking a closer look at whenever we have the time. 

Staring at our newly gathered piles of books, items, and Lucia, the trek upstairs looks far more daunting. I cannot wait to make my way into a hot bath when this is all said and done.