2 Rova 4715

I oft remember my history lessons from Mistress Isotta when she would regale our class with the tale of Aroden; the Azlanti human who became the patron deity of humanity. And yet the immortal king still fell.

The war that followed was bloody indeed and threw the whole of our world into chaos. That is when Abrogail Thrune made a deal with a quite literal devil and became the new ruler of Cheliax. The throne changed many hands through rather unfortunate circumstances until Abrogail Thrune II claimed it for herself.

I have seen the knuckles of her iron fist squeezing the very life from Cheliax, and that of my city. It has only worsened now that Barzillai Thrune has been put into place as Lord Mayor, after the former disappeared under suspicious circumstances that seem all too common these days.

The Lord Mayor, however, is not seeing the easy transition I think he expected. The people are beginning to fight back, however small the infractions may be.

One story I heard was near Bleak Bridge. A Half Elven woman stood up to a Hellknight defending two children. Somehow she walked away with her life even after it was learned she had not properly hung a picture of Abrogail Thrune in her business. I doubt it was the optics of the situation considering all the businesses that have mysteriously burned lately, but I am glad she did not suffer the same fate.

Even in the halls of the Alabaster Academy there is dissent. My classmate told me to beware of a group of students, the Chelish Citizen’s Group, who have apparently been verbally assaulting, and even outright attacking anyone speaking out against the regime. They told me one of the Elven professors has stepped in to quell the tension, but who knows if he is an outlier among the staff. I’ll do what I always do, and keep my head down.

Sadly, my connections within the dottari have elucidated a growing concern among the Tiefling population. Several murders have occurred, and little to nothing has been done. I passed by a funeral while on my way to investigate what remained of The Silver Star. I noted an Asmodean priest that obviously did not want to be there, and the grieving group clearly did not want him there either. I did not linger, but made a mental note to see what I could learn about the case later.

The rain began to mist once I reached The Silver Star. I saw the embers of the fire burning from my window during the Night of Ashes, but I had been unable to get close. I knew better than to voice my suspicions out loud, but these burnings were no accident. Thankfully the dottari that noticed my presence as I took my notes was known to me, and simply warned me away rather than treat me with suspicion. After all, I had helped him on more than one occasion.

As I made my way back to the coffee shop, where my warm bed called to me, I listened to the chatter of the city. The latest gossip spoke of another disappearance, this time a young actress, and the daughter of a noble family. I could not glean any reason as she bore none of the commonalities of the previous disappearances. A mystery that piqued my interest indeed.

Tomorrow there is to be a rally in Aria Park. I know Elena and Pietro wish me to stay away, but how can I? How do I watch my city succumb to tyranny? Don’t the story books teach us that one person can make a difference? Even if I am not that person, perhaps I can help them along.


3 Rova 4715 – Oathday

Aria Park looked much different today than I’m used to seeing it. On a normal day I could pause and listen to the music of the street performers, admire an aspiring artist, or avoid giving all of my hard earned pocket money to those selling trinkets and baubles. Today, however, I could barely move a few feet before nearly colliding with a fellow citizen.

I know Elena and Pietro wished me to stay away, but I had to see everything for myself. I wanted to see how many like minded individuals there were, if any at all. Apparently far more than I anticipated, though there were plenty who supported the new Lord Mayor as well.

Barzillai Thrune remained locked away in the opera house. I still suspected he had something to do with the former Lord Mayor’s disappearance, but I had absolutely no evidence to back up my claim. Several dottari guards stood around the opera house, and a scowling dark haired woman prowled about shouting orders.

Eventually I found a spot beneath a tree to watch the events unfold. I noticed a half-elven woman set up an area with supplies and a jug of water. I watched her for several minutes trying to decipher her intentions. She spoke with guard and protester alike, but she could just be like me, gathering information.

I smirked to myself noticing a young woman desperately trying to rabble rouse the crowd, but her chants did not receive the echoing chorus she hoped for.

Nearby I spotted one of the professors from the Academy. I only knew him by sight, and preferred if he did not notice me so I took to moving through the crowds. Rumors floated about the previous Lord Mayor apparently starting a colony in Arcadia. Imagine that. I also overheard an argument between a tiefling and a halfling. They believe the Slasher may be back. I find that hard to believe, but worth going over the previous cases.

An unease began rising throughout the crowd. A tiefling nearby managed better than most to keep the crowd under control. I smiled as he told off a few anarchists.

That’s when I saw him. The hooded figure moved through the crowd with a purpose the rest of the protesters lacked. He climbed onto the fountain, and I have to admit I gaped a bit seeing Rexus Victocora. His family home had been burned on the Night of Ashes and he was presumed dead.

The speech that followed stirred my blood. His mention of the Silver Ravens piqued my interest as I thought the group had all but gone extinct. The crowd cheered, but the moment was short lived as the Devil’s Bells chimed in the distance.

Then the Lord Mayor himself decided to finally make an appearance. He, too, gave a speech, but it did not leave the crowd with the excited fervor like Rexus’ speech. Instead his new proclamations incited their rage – an intentional maneuver to be sure.

I tore my eyes away from the Lord Mayor only to see a young boy scoop up a pile of manure. It was as if time slowed as I watched the foul mass sail through the air. As funny as it would have been to see it collide with Barzillai Thrune’s face, probably best that it hit the wall beside him. Although, his immediate orders to arrest, kill, or “whatever” the crowd meant he did not find the same humor in the action that I did.