3 Rova 4715 – Oathday

My hand is shaking from the excitement that followed the attack of the cow patty. All hell broke loose. The Chelish Citizen’s Group revealed themselves throughout the crowd. The majority of citizens ran for the park gates, but I saw several, including myself, stand in defense. I did my best to direct them, but I fear my voice was lost in the fray.

The half-elven woman from earlier was no longer interested in handing out water. The young rabble rouser swung her rapier about as though she were on stage. The feisty Tiefling male divided his time between directing the crowd and smacking the instigators with his staff. Even the Academy professor began slinging spells.

I lost sight of their antics when one of the Citizen’s Group took a swing at me. They seemed to be letting people flee without harming them, but those who stood up were fair game.

From my peripheral I saw someone throw a dagger at the woman shouting orders to the dottari, It lodged in her neck, but to my shock, she pulled it out and continued toward the crowd. The distraction cost me, and I have a healthy bruise forming on my cheek no doubt from the hit he managed to land.

Distantly I heard a whistle and the faint sound of vicious barks. I knew if I stayed much longer, I’d end up dead or arrested. Neither option suited me so I joined the fleeing crowd.

I avoided the guards until ending up in a side alley. Serendipitously, the figures I’d been so focused on during the protest found themselves hiding out in the same alley. And not long after, none other than Rexus Victocora himself approached us.

He bid us follow him to a nearby bookstore, Crisali’s Fine Tomes. I admit I had reservations about following the stranger who tried to start a revolution by giving a speech on a fountain, but I know myself. At the end of the day, I seek the truth. I had to know what he knew.

He all but confirmed my suspicions about the Night of Ashes believing that his family had been targeted due to his mother’s participation in a secret society – The Sacred Order of Archivist. Upon his mother’s death he was given a message urging him to gather help and go to the Fair Fortune Livery.

This was not how I imagined the evening would progress. I don’t know why I agreed so readily, but in my heart I know it was the right decision.