3 Rova 4715 – Oathday

It is a rather eclectic group I’ve found myself in the company of. I finally learned everyone’s name, and I’m gleaning bits about them as we formulate a plan to investigate the livery.

Lucia – she is a young, naïve thing. Young, relatively speaking. I believe she is just a few years younger than myself. The events of the protest seem to finally be dawning on her, and it seems both she and the good professor, Cesare, killed the two assailants that attacked them. Lucia appears racked with guilt over it, but the professor has taken it in his stride. There is definitely more to him than I first thought.

Adria is the half-elven woman. She embodies the motherly persona, and seems ready to take care of everyone at the drop of a hat. But she too spoke of the poor man who fell under Lucia’s sword in a rather matter of fact way. And Niccolo was still taking shots at the dottari when I fled the protest.

The swordplay skills I learned in school have certainly proven to be useful now that I move about the city. There are always unsavory characters, but I never expected to need them at a protest.

A good long while passed as we fortified our plan. We would meet at Kellimber’s General store, and go from there. Soon, Crisalli herself came to let us know it was safe to leave. I bid my new found companions good night.

Before Rexus took his leave, I did press him for information as I knew he hadn’t told us everything about the message he had received from his late mother. He admitted to having a key, but he believes it does not relate to the secret society we are now in search of.

Upon my return home to my modest room above the coffee shop, I was immediately set upon by Pietro and Elena. Elena chastised me while delicately cleaning the scrapes and bruises I had endured. Pietro brewed me a nice cup of tea, but stated clearly he did not want to know what sort of antics I had been up to. All well and good as I had no intention of telling him.


4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

I woke long before the sun rose across the horizon. My mind raced with too many theories, and mysteries that sleep was not to be had. I dressed and went downstairs to prep the morning coffee for the inevitable rush.

I counted down the hours until it was time to head to the General Store. I bid farewell to Pietro and Elena and met with my new companions. The Livery was not too far off, and clearly a popular spot judging by the, albeit misspelled sign, reading “beeware – honted.”

We investigated the perimeter, and Niccolo determined the structure was not exactly sound. We were able to see a few areas inside. I suggested we enter through the back door of the structure to provide some cover from peering eyes. Niccolo pried the door open, honestly taking the hinges along with it. Then everyone stood for a long moment debating on who would go inside first.

I managed to suppress and eye roll and moved past Niccolo through the open doorway. I immediately regretted my decision when two snarling hounds hunkered down readying to strike. Patience is still a virtue I need to work on.