4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted, and I work with dead bodies all week. It is going to take ages to rid my clothing of the smell of their rancid vomit. I thankfully managed to keep my composure during the fight. Nearly all of us suffered a vomit covered fate, save the good professor who managed to keep his distance. But that wasn’t all! The grimples also infested some of us with lice. I can barely focus enough to write this for the urge to scratch is overwhelming.

The professor was able to rid us all of much of the muck but sadly could do little against the lice. He kept several paces away, and I can’t say I blame him. While he helped clean the others, I moved toward an iron gate with a set of stairs beyond. 

To my extreme embarrassment, I bid Niccolo to let me borrow his lockpicks and I ended up snapping them! I have picked countless locks with no issue. I blame it on the audience, as I typically explore by myself. It is strange to have a group to fall back on for help. 

And leave it I did. Niccolo was able to pick the lock well enough and we descended. I thought the smell of the grimples was bad, but the stench that greeted us was almost too much to bear. 

Kintargo is an interesting city because it has been many cities before. The original bones of Kintargo lay deep beneath our feet, and over time, new cities are built upon its grave. I think we are seeing a few of its bones here in the form of an old fountain. Unfortunately it is nothing more than a cesspool of filth now. Much of the room is collapsed, but I did find symbols written in Infernal. The professor explained that they were meant to open a portal to hell. 

I looked at the professor for a long moment after his translation. I took up Infernal when at school. I spent enough time around the Kintargo nobility that it seemed an apt study. So it is strange that a professor of Elven studies would know the language. Interesting.