4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

As if this adventure hadn’t been disgusting enough, two horrendous beings dragged themselves out of the muck. Adria seemed utterly convinced they were mud wretches, but the professor insisted they were lemures. I was definitely inclined toward the latter since they yelled out for souls in Infernal. I must admit I found his reaction to the entire battle with the creatures somewhat callous. I am unsure if this is from previous experience, or something else entirely.

One of the creatures left me with a few decent slashes, and I was unable to patch myself up while still trying to defend. Thankfully the others were able to make up for my shortcomings, and Adria was able to finish tending to my wounds.

It is honestly astonishing the Livery is still standing considering how much damage there is to its foundations. Part of me was hoping this would become the first of many strongholds in service to our newfound rebellion, but the amount of work required to transform this building would not be worth the cost, or risk.

We found little more of interest around the fountain and continued our search. I discovered another nest of some kind, perhaps more grimples, but fortunately nothing emerged. The others began digging through the leftover crates. Niccolo seemed particularly pleased by a crate with armor and weapons.

Lucia discovered a locked coffer filled with documents and scrolls. They are written in a fine hand in rather beautiful calligraphy, but alas, unreadable. The professor and I were able to determine they were written in a mix of languages: Elven, Celestial, and Stryx. I believe them to be written in code. Rexus should be able to help us since he is a linguist.

But the most interesting find has to be the last crate that Adria opened. It contained several small silver ravens, and a list of names: Bertram, Brennan, Kaebin, Hrafn, Voldrun, and Fechin. The professor was able to tell the ravens are magical and proceeded to read through the list. When he reached the name Fechin, the raven transformed!

The discovery elated me, and I watched in delight as Adria and Lucia repeated the process. Once the command name was given, the raven transformed into that of a life-size raven, only still metallic in appearance. Each one seems to have its own look and personality. I must admit my eagerness to transform a bird of my own, but I have decided to wait until I am home again. The professor explained a bit about how the magic of the birds works and I cannot wait to test its abilities.

I have taken the bird named Kaebin. I wonder at the stories this little thing could tell if only it were able.