4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

This has honestly been one of the longest days I have had in some time. Adria was unfortunately unable to placate the dire corbie, and the creature quite literally leapt to the attack. I was able to patch up Niccolo enough for him to move in to help Adria. But it was fair Lucia who, after an exchange of vicious blows my companions, managed to put the creature to rest.

I took a moment to catch my breath, but then went back to the water, more carefully this time, and pulled out the body. Now that I was able to get a better look, I was able to determine the man was dead before he went into the water to become an alligator snack. Cause of death was a broken neck, and the claw marks on his back were perimortem. Judging by the difficult fight we just had with the dire corbie, the creature is the most likely culprit. I cannot speak to motive other than what little information I know about them from my studies.

I was hoping that we would find Laria’s friend alive. Instead we’ll be asking her to identify him. Thankfully at the school the students are not typically present for that portion. My professor at the Academy speaks very little of his experiences with such. Though I doubt many of his students spend their leisure time using the knowledge from his classes to investigate issues about the city.

I found my eye drawn to the statue of Calistria once more. The water did not look quite so serene to me anymore, but I steeled myself. I was right to find the statue strange. There seem to be grooves in the floor indicating that it can move. I wonder what secrets lie beneath. Does Laria know about it? I can’t recall how long her place of business has been here. Perhaps this is one of Kintargo’s bones being revealed once more. But this mystery will have to wait for the time being. We are not alone in this cave, and there is still much to search.

This abode was clearly a safe haven for the Bellflower network. All of the bunks are sized for Halflings. We did find a small room to the north of the sleeping quarters. To my surprise a map of Ravenelle hung upon the wall. The map itself was not a surprise, but its age definitely is. History is unfortunately ever changing in Kintargo. 

Papers littered the room, but nothing I wouldn’t expect to find in a secret cave. Coded documents and the like. Adria did find something of note – a locket with eggshell pieces inside and an Elven word engraved reading “Mother.”

Before we could speculate for too long, Niccolo stiffened and said someone was coming. He disappeared like a shadow into the dark. I lost track of him until it sounded as though he tripped. I could make out the sounds of clicking steps – my guess is clawed feet. Another dire corbie? Niccolo made his way back to our chamber. He pointed out the dire corbie’s body had been moved slightly. 

The building mystery of this cave was soon to be revealed. As we entered the last room, Adria called out and to my surprise elicited a response. The voice said Nan told them this was his place. They hired him, but did not reveal why. They mention a name, Zincher? I don’t recognize it, but we assure the voice we have nothing to do with him. After a moment, a figure stepped out. She was a tengu woman wearing a striking blue outfit, hood pulled low over her face. She said her name is Korva.

The dire corbie is apparently their “sister.” During a smuggling job, they found the egg and mistook it for tengu, but that is not what hatched. No amount of nurture could stop the dire corbie’s nature, and she grew more violent, eventually killing someone. Nan was meant to smuggle them out, but Kintargo’s unrest made that impossible. The dire corbie, Koff, ended up killing him as well. The locket belonged to her, a momento they hoped would calm their sister, but to no avail. 

I hate to think about it, but I get a sense of relief from the sisters. I think they knew what a danger Koff had become. I think they had realized what would need to be done. I can’t imagine what anguish they must be feeling. My brother may only be half, but my heart would split in two if I had to raise my sword against him. 

The sisters are now stuck, but perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. They could easily help our cause, and this could maybe become a proper home for them. I know what it’s like to long for a home, a place to belong, a place to come back to.