4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

Well, the Fushi sisters, as I have learned, have decided to join our cause officially. The tension in the air broke and I think they were glad to find allies instead of enemies. They pointed out a few crates Nan had stashed so Niccolo and I had a look. The contents were that of Varisian clothing that amounted to a decent sum. Any small bit will help at this point. We have a long way to go, and we’ll need funds to help our successes.

Then we all decided to give the sisters a moment to grieve for their lost sibling. Niccolo and Lucia accompanied me to the mysterious statue. The Professor kept himself nice and dry watching our backs on the dock while Adria meditated in the water. 

The years must have worn away any obvious way of opening the statue so Niccolo resorted to brute force. This did not end well and the statue fell toward him. Not the outcome I had intended. But it did reveal a waterlogged chest filled with what little remained of documents, a Calistrian holy symbol, and a whip in shockingly good condition. Lucia’s eyes lit up and she began telling us about some play she was in where she got to swing one about. I am beginning to think there is more to Lucia’s story than she is letting on. She acts as though she is a street wise kid, but her naivety is somewhat astounding at times. And her accent seems feigned. More like an actor putting on a performance.

We then regrouped with Laria and broke the news to her. I think she already knew the truth of the situation. It was just a matter of retrieving him. 

To my surprise, Lucia asked to speak with Laria alone. There are only so many reasons the two of them would have cause to speak privately. But that is her business, not mine. Rexus was thrilled to hear we officially have a proper hideout to begin our rebellion. He proceeded to  launch into his 5 step plan to see this to fruition…

  1. Rally and recruit
  2. Securing a permanent stronghold and help from other factions
  3. Gather regional support
  4. Look to nobility for support
  5. Plan for the future

After much discussion we decided on a more secretive approach to our rebellion. It seems to align with our overall talents, and our current goals. We are still very much in the dark about Barzillai Thrune’s end goals with his sudden appearance. I personally feel it’s more important to gather information for the time being. There will be time for another fountain speech later. 

Each of us have adopted roles that play to our individual strengths. My new companions have no idea how appropriate my new role is. But it is unlikely I will ever reveal why. That notwithstanding, I find myself impressed by the detailed plan Rexus has developed. This isn’t a game to him, and he is fully committed.

All that remains is a way to kindle the flame. Niccolo brought up the killings in the Devil’s Nursery, and that solving those atrocities would encourage the tiefling population to ally with our cause. I wholeheartedly agree, and had been trying to garner information about it already. Sadly it does not surprise me to hear that the dottari have done little to help them. I’ve only encountered a handful myself that actually seem willing to do anything for the common people beyond keeping them in line.

We also need to investigate the fires, which I have already started myself. There was definitely a mass coordination involved, and judging by what Rexus has told us, his family may not actually be dead. Granted that is just my theory. If no bodies were discovered there is a chance they have been taken prisoner, but I do not wish to give him false hope.

Clenchjaw’s would be another good place to start. Bar goers talk loud, and angry bar goers talk even louder. It’s quite likely we will gather good intel there, and perhaps gain an ally if we can help the establishment.

But I think dealing with the killings in the Devil’s Nursery takes precedent. They are the least likely to be helped, and with the nature of the deaths, it is not something I wish to delay. Especially since they are happening on a fairly regular timetable.

Unfortunately, there may be a slight delay. Lucia looks about ready to faint.