4 Rova 4715 – Fireday

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. In fact I think it may be fortunate that after the events of the day that only one of us succumbed to some sort of sickness. Poor Lucia has filth fever, but thankfully we caught it so early. This does put a slight damper in the evening’s plans, however I feel that Lucia’s health takes precedence. Adria has kindly offered to keep an eye on her for the evening. That leaves the good professor, Niccolo and myself to patrol the Devil’s Nursery.

Adria and I helped get Lucia to her home on Bleak Bridge. I took the opportunity to sell what little we found during our adventurous day for my new companions. I do enjoy just meandering through the city. It’s difficult to shut off my inclination to listen in and look at every little detail. I did not succeed. I immediately noticed that the guards were absent from The Silver Star.

And at Highwall Market, the typical dottari guard has been replaced with Hell Knights at the entrance to the castle. Even more stand upon the walls. According to a rather helpful gnome the dottari have been absent since the Night of Ashes. This fact does not surprise me. Barzillai Thrune is planning something, and we need to figure out exactly what that is. What is the point of being in power if those you rule hate you? But that is a philosophical question for another day. It’s time to solve to a murder.

I could immediately feel tension in the air when I entered the Devil’s Nursery. A silence fell in my wake as I went to meet with Niccolo to get all of the current details of the previous murders. When the professor arrived we headed out to gather information. Unfortunately the more direct approach is not my forte, but Cesare had more luck with a few clever magic tricks, and having an adorable cat companion.

But the current belief among the populace is that the Temple Hill Slasher has returned. Having studied the case extensively, well at least as much as one can in Kintargo, this is impossible. The Temple Hill Slasher lost his head. I know it’s not impossible to come back as something else, but I feel that would have happened sometime earlier in the last 100 years since his demise. I do not think we can add the Slasher to our suspect list.

Niccolo then took us by the previous murder scenes, but sadly there was little to be found. It is clear the dotari made little if any effort at all. The only thing of relevance was that the citizens of Devil’s Nursery pay no mind to the quarantine. Just one more added hindrance.



5 Rova 4715 – Starday

My mind is racing with theories, but each one seems more unlikely than the one before. There just isn’t enough to build a solid case. But I had to set aside thoughts of rebellion, murder, and intrigue for the time being, and switch to caffé, latté, and espresso.

I managed to survive my shift despite my aching bones. Turns out a day of adventuring, and then sleeping on Niccolo’s floor was not an exceptionally good recipe for decent rest. But thankfully Pietro and Elena have hired another barista and I was able to rest and catch up on my studies. 

Then it was back to Niccolo’s. My heart was happy to see Lucia up and about. It’s good that she has Adria as a guide, at least with some things. I remember leaving school and feeling quite lost. It was one thing to traverse the city with a particular purpose, but when I was left to my own devices I desperately wanted direction. I think that is why I gravitated towards helping solve mysteries near the hostel I stay at in the beginning. It provided me with that direction I so craved. 

A knock at the door tore us all away from the snacks Niccolo brought. Two figures entered – a tiefling woman and a rather well dressed tiefling man. After a moment I recognized him as the proprietor of The Devil’s Threads, Hetamon Haace. The two came bearing ill news – there’s been another murder.