13 Rova 4715 – Sunday

It’s been a busy few days, and my compatriots and I were unable to meet. No matter as Pietro and Elena needed help training a new barista. They still aren’t aware of where I go in my evenings, and that is for the best. However, I do feel a bit guilty about having such limited time to work in the cafe. But our work, if successful, should be beneficial for all – well perhaps not the Thrunes.

Eventually when the Ravens did meet again, Rexus was able to decode some information from the Silver Raven documents. They seem to have been purposefully left behind revealing information about the original Ravens. They were actually an adventuring group, not necessarily an organization. Their goal was to battle oppression in Kintargo, and believed in rightful succession.

One particular word stood out – Jackdaw. I believe this could be in reference to the folk hero that helped defend Kintargo during the Chelish Civil War. Rumors say the Jackdaw is still alive but fighting in the shadows. 

That would be an interesting discovery. Meeting the infamous Jackdaw. I wonder what history they could tell.