13 Rova 4715 – Sunday

My heart jumped into my throat when I saw why Niccolo stopped so abruptly while trying to exit the Wasp’s Nest. Three dottari were speaking with Laria and produced a warrant to search the premises. Niccolo retreated back down into the hideout, but the good professor and I stayed above. The professor casually walked out and found a table. I debated whether to follow suit and pretend to be meeting him, but I waited hoping I could overhear some valuable information. 

According to the dottari, a citizen reported “suspicious activity.” I couldn’t help but smile as Laria asked whether it had anything to do with trivia night. I am amazed at how quickly she thinks on her feet. I like to consider myself well-practiced, but even I felt myself giving away too much information when I was paying Lucia’s fines. Laria, however, simply goes with the moment without hesitation.

A letter was left outside their watchpost, but Laria suggested it may be someone trying to drive her out. She asked to see the note. I heard her say she didn’t recognize the writing, but that it was written in green ink. Not a standard choice so I will pocket that information away for later. 

Footsteps approached the pantry door where I was hiding, but I am no stranger to pantries and work rooms. I took a moment to muss my hair and put on a frantic expression. The dottari officer looked genuinely startled by my feign of being a frazzled employee. Officer Rannell is in his first week, no doubt due to the sudden need for more dottari. Thankfully I managed to distract him before he could find any evidence of the first trap door. He seems to mean well, as with many dottari I have worked with. That is not to say there weren’t prejudiced officers, but I preferred to keep my distance from those individuals.

He did reveal that their watch post has been receiving a large amount of false reports, and they are too short handed to deal with all of them. I feel for him, but that may work to our advantage. 

Laria completed my ruse with the dottari to perfection and they left empty handed. Then we descended back into the Wasp’s Nest to let everyone know what happened. The note left at the watch post read “Advise the dottari to check the Longroad’s coffee house.” We will have to be more careful with our comings and goings now that the coffee house has been targeted. Perhaps we will be able to procure another safe house separate from Laria. 

As we wrapped up, the professor mentioned going to dinner with his sister-in-law, Calanis. Lucia is actually familiar with the lady as well. I wonder if they have more acquaintances in common. Sometimes the professor does look at Lucia but I can’t tell if it’s out of curiosity, familiarity, or maybe just amusement. 

Lucia has decided to move forward with adopting a new identity. I can’t tell if this is a wise decision yet or not. But I would like to encourage her because I think in searching for a new identity she may just find out who she is. I’ll bring her some books, and apparently I’ve been volunteered for a makeover of sorts. This will be interesting.

I’ve decided to divide my time during the next week to study for exams, and help Rexus with deciphering more of the coded text. My lessons with him on Stryx have been rather fruitful, and I’ve already begun incorporating some of the syntax into my own coded journal. I’m well aware of the ramifications should the dottari ever find my writings. So I shall make it as difficult as possible. In fact, Rexus may be the only one I know in the city who could decipher them. 


20 Rova 4715 – Sunday

This week did not have enough hours in the day between studying, going to classes, helping decode, and getting any sort of real rest. But headway has been made! Honestly, if it wasn’t for Adria, I may have forgotten when to eat. Without the daylight hours, she and my pocket watch were the only indications that time passed. 

When the others arrived, I shared what I was able to decipher about the mysterious Jackdaw. She was the Elven woman who, in fact, founded the Silver Ravens. She built herself into a Kintargan folk hero fighting for the rights of the downtrodden. However, the stories claim many different things. Some say she was the swiftest swordswoman of her age, (which immediately brought my mind back to The Silver Star), others say she could disappear into thin air without magic. Another said her cloak sprouted magic wings, while my favorite said the sight of her made Hellknights recoil in fear. The best part is that it is claimed that all of these are true. I’ve never wanted to meet her more.

Jackdaw gathered four like minded compatriots to her side, much like Rexus did with all of us.

Amyreid, a half-elf cleric of Milani
Ba, a halfling enchanter
Kyda, a human bard
Brakisi, a human Ranger

She describes each of them with complimentary statements. Together they helped aid Kintargo after the death of Aroden. They defended against disasters, both natural, and monstrous. Any money they procured from their adventuring went to bolstering the city’s defenses and public resources. It seems befitting now that we carry on that legacy.

After my explanation, Rexus began pacing. He seemed bothered by the idea that Jackdaw could still be around and yet done nothing during the past years of hardship. Agan, it feels as though the information was left behind with the intent to be found. Perhaps the Silver Ravens knew something that would be dangerous to the Thrunes if ever let out. Of course this is all speculation, but considering Barzillai’s well planned entrance, and the fact that he took up residence in the opera house, a former Silver Raven hideout, rather than somewhere with a more official capacity, such a theory could be true.

Our speculations were cut short as Morgar stepped into the room. It seems he has a mission for us.