9 Rova 4715 – Wealday

Tension filled the room the following morning. Everyone went about their business as usual, but I think everyone was worried about Lucia. It was just after breakfast that her bird arrived knocking excitedly at Niccolo’s window. It had a simple message written in blood, “Me Sarini. Help – L”

My heart sank to the floor. My suspicions were confirmed in one fell swoop, but judging by the confused expressions around the table, I was the only one who suspected that Lucia was Lucia Sarini. I had passed several missing posters offering rewards and all that, but I find those depictions are never quite accurate. It’s also not as though Lucia had been all that secretive. She rarely covered her visage, and she used her actual name.

We decided to retrace her steps after she separated from the group, and see where that leads us. She must have been picked up by the dottari, but there are dozens of places she could have ended up. Time to put my skills to use then. 

It didn’t take long for rumors of a criminal diving off of Bleak Bridge to reach our ears. From there I was able to figure out where they would have taken her once caught. I highly doubted getting to shore would be in Lucia’s wheelhouse. At least, most nobles I was acquainted with weren’t skilled swimmers. 

Eventually thanks to some of my connections, I was able to discover that Lucia had been taken to her family estate. They didn’t exactly have anything against her, save breaking curfew, and evading arrest. 

It all boiled down to a simple fine. Simple..7 gold fine. I find it much harder to part with money when I’ve spent months earning it, but there’s no way we were going to leave her to the dottari. And Lucia barely had a copper piece to her name. I think I did a fine enough job playing the role of concerned friend, though I don’t find it to be much of a role to play. 

Our group then retreated to Adria’s abode where Lucia recounted her adventure. She couldn’t shake the dottari, so she tried diving off of the bridge hoping to escape. That failed, and she ended up arrested. She spent the night in jail, and then was taken to her family’s estate. However, when her mother threatened to lock her away, her Hellknight cousin came to her rescue. That’s when she was returned to the watch tower where we intervened.

But this experience has given Lucia a jolt. She’s going to train with Morgar and assume another identity to continue her rebellious activity. Perhaps this was the push she needed.

Then we made our way to The Wasp’s Nest. Rexus was quick to set up a place for Lucia. I worry about him being alone all the time. I know the Fushi sisters, and Morgar are down there, but I don’t know if he connects with them all that much. 

I kept the portrait from his family’s household in my bag. Rexus was able to tell us that the keys belonged to his father who apparently had a penchant for them. The documents will need a further examination. His parents often had businesses that were not under the Victorcora name.

I then stayed behind to speak with Rexus. I did not expect the revelation he told me; that he was raised as a lady. But that’s not who he was, and his parents were wonderful. They did everything they could to help him be who he is meant to be. But he is still in need of help to finish that transition. I’ll have put that at the top of my priority. 

I left Rexus to his grief, and spoke briefly with Lucia. I know what it’s like to shed a name, though I’m not sure she understood my meaning. But the moment was for her, not me so I didn’t bother explaining. 

It’s already been a long day, and I have homework to finish. I think that is enough for now.