20 Rova 4715 – Sunday

Morgar’s contact on Argos Isle provided him with information on the Sallix Salt Works. It is one of the oldest businesses in town, and recently appropriated by the Thunes. According to him, they were charged with unpaid back taxes. The previous owner resisted arrest, and was unfortunately killed. A mercenary group is in charge and they oversee minor criminals who now work grueling sentences within the Salt Works. A new manager is meant to be appointed. But currently all of the proceeds are going straight to the Chelish government whereas it used to go to the Aulorian family…

The current criminals serving sentences at the Salt Works are the Mountain Crows, headed by Forvian Crowe. Laria has done some farming business with them in the past. It’s best we free them before the harsh labor encourages them to flip and give information on Laria.

Somehow during all of this, the words spilled out. I admitted that my knowledge of the Aulorians is due to the fact that technically I am one. Granted I have not lived in the Greens since I was 6 years old. I honestly don’t know if Auxis remembers I exist. I saw him in passing over the years, but there was little, if any, recognition in his gaze. I’ve kept up with goings on within the family, but I do not consider myself among them. It is simply information gathering as with any of the other noble families. 

I don’t know what made me say it. It is a secret I’ve kept close to the vest ever since leaving school. It’s not as though it’s information that could be used against me. 

But back to the Salt Works. We need more information before we go barging in. The Fushi sisters are well equipped to gather said information, and Morgar’s newly formed group (Morgar’s Madcats) will help with a handy bout of sabotage. 

27 Rova 4715 – Sunday

The Fushi sisters performed spectacularly. Corva produced a map of the entire building which will prove invaluable as we plan our approach. We need to take advantage of the golden hour between sundown and curfew. 

Let the planning begin.