2 Lamashan 4715 – Starday

The week passed in a bit of a blur, but it was a good week. I earned more than a decent amount in tips, and one of my classes was canceled so I was able to help out a bit more than I have been in recent weeks.

But it’s back to the Wasp’s Nest. I’m curious to see how our newly formed groups have been progressing. Morgar says things are beginning to escalate. People are being jailed, charged with sedition or treason…or both. Prisons are filling up.

Even today he informed us that members of the Chelish Citizens Group have captured a young tiefling and plan on “excruciating” her in public without even being sanctioned to do so. The decision to immediately go and prevent that from happening was thankfully unanimous. 

We immediately headed to Aria Park, and found it to be absent of the typical artisans that sell their wares. A crowd had gathered, but seemed to be divided with some in support and others against. On the far side sat a rectangular area with a small island with a pagoda upon it. Three dogs are chained with a dog house erected in the center of them.

Niccolo and Adria immediately went toward the island, while the rest of us confronted the Chelish Citizens Group. I’m not sure exactly what happened on the island, but the citizens wasted no time in pulling their maces against us. Our good professor, however, had little patience for them, and ended up punching his way through them. You wouldn’t expect it from someone who presents himself the way he does.

With the citizens dealt with, I attempted to go help Niccolo and Adria, but by the time I reached them, the tiefling being held had run off. I tried to distract one of the chained dogs, but I may have just angered the poor creature. Fortunately, Niccolo and Adria were able to make their escape, and I followed suit.

Somehow during the entire kerfuffle, Adria ended up with one of the dogs in tow. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by that. Nor was I all that surprised to find that Zea was the tiefling captured by the Chelish Citizens Group. Now the question is, did she actually do what she was accused of? Either way, excruciating anyone is barbaric and wrong in my opinion. Not to mention, the Chelish Citizens Group has no authority to do anything of the sort. Granted, we also don’t have any authority, but I would like to think that our approach is more in line with morality.

If this city would take better care of its citizens – all of its citizens – then I suspect there would be less of a need for desperate antics. Or is that just my wishful thinking?