27 Rova 4715 – Sunday

I will admit to being quite surprised when the professor called out about there being an imp in our midst. Suddenly all the strange happenings in the Wasp’s Nest made sense.

It led us on a merry chase around the hideout, but eventually Lucia managed to grab its legs. It immediately stopped saying that it is loyal to “Lady Sarini.” Lucia released the imp and she appeared as a ruby red imp missing one of her horns. She stayed atop the statue of Calistria as she explained that she believed that Lucia had fallen in with a bad group. 

We moved to the storeroom to have a more private conversation with who we now knew as Blosodriette. We learned that Merindius Sarini bound her during the civil war. The same Merindius Sarini that was taken down by Jackdaw and unceremoniously dumped in the river. Jackdaw took the papers upon his body, which included her contract, and it must have ended up amongst the papers we found in the livery. Unfortunately, for her anyway, she cannot be far from her contract.

She said she tried to sabotage the original Silver Ravens, and she indeed sabotaged the wall that collapsed. She attempted to circumvent the rules of her contract which even included her trying to open a portal to hell. The remnants of which we also found under the livery.

Conveniently she revealed that only a Sarini can free her, but she did then offer us, sorry, Lucia, her aid. Without knowing the ins and outs of her contract, that is a dangerous gamble.

But it turns out we have an expert in Asmodean contracts. Our good professor is a former priest of the archdevil. In fact, he even fought Jackdaw himself once upon a time. It honestly explains much of my speculation about him. The cold, calculating nature, the way violence does not faze him, and well, the ability to knock a guard out with a single kick.

Blosodriette fetched the contract per Lucia’s request. The document looked to be encoded at first, but by saying her name while holding it, it revealed the actual text. It took a good while for the professor to analyze its contents. Her service is bound to House Sarini until the line of the Sarini family ends or their servitude to hell ends.

We have a few options available to us, but too many of them would leave Blosodriette free to work against us. The safest course of action would be to rip up the contract and send her back to hell. However, Lucia seems to want to keep her around. I can’t tell if she’s trying to trick the creature, or if she genuinely thinks allowing her to work with us is a good idea.

Thankfully, she came to her senses and proceeded to rip the contract in half.

This has been quite an exciting night, but I have reports to write, shifts to work, and class to attend.