27 Rova 4715 – Sunday

The group divided to conquer once the citizens vacated the Salt Works. The professor released the prisoners, while Lucia and I checked the other rooms and areas. Judging by the mural of Asmodeus in Kossrani’s room, it’s not difficult to deduce that he was quite devout. I took the lockbox for us to open later, and we reconvened to make our escape. 

Part of me does enjoy the shadowy intrigue of the escape. Weaving through the dark streets of Kintargo. It makes me feel like the character of a novel. But perhaps that is just my imagination getting the best of me.

Once back at the Wasp’s Nest, I handed the lockbox over to the good professor. While I am a decent hand at lockpicks, his skills far surpass my own, and I’ve already broken one set…that wasn’t even mine. I still need to buy replacements for Nico. 

I subjected each of the Mountain Crows to a quick examination to make sure none of them had any lingering injuries that a decent meal and good rest couldn’t fix. While doing that Adria mentioned the Chelish ship docked in the Old Harbor – the Scourge of Belial. According to her it’s a pirate hunter, and shouldn’t be there to begin with. She casually mentioned that her husband was in the navy. For some reason I don’t picture her married, and now I’m wondering what exactly happened to him.

Forvian is definitely amiable to our cause, and agreed to join us. I think after a stressful evening, the resulting party was a wonderful reprieve. I am not a typical party goer. Every party I’ve attended was usually work of some kind so I didn’t engage. And I find that I’m not entirely sure how. I immediately gravitated towards Rexus. I have spent the most hours with him recently with the research into the Silver Ravens. I find it easy to converse with him.

A few hours into the evening, Adria approached me. She led me back into the sleeping quarters and revealed that Laria came to her about a missing vial of green ink. In fact, she thinks it may be connected to the sabotaged wall.

Together she and I searched the bunks, and unfortunately she did find a green smudge on Maggie’s bed. I was able to find a cut in her pillow and out came the very vial of green ink, and a quill made of a Tengu feather. 

We rejoined the party so as not to raise suspicion and waited for everyone to retire for the evening. When only Corva remained, I brought up what we had found to her and asked if Maggie had been acting strangely. She admitted that Maggie hadn’t been sleeping well, and that she caught her sister whispering to the darkness. Her moods have been vacillating from one moment to the next. 

Corva asked that she be able to speak to Maggie first, and we owe them that much. They have helped us immensely and it would be unwise to accuse her without getting all of the facts straight.

The professor told us he would go check if there might be some magical influence at play. Niccolo, Lucia and I stayed behind with Corva. She seems genuinely concerned that her sister could be involved in anything that would put everything we have built here at risk. Having spent time with the Fushi sisters, I find it unlikely that any of them would wittingly endanger us.